Full Name: Unrevealed
Aliases: Shone
Gender: Male
Race: Mongrel Feline
Occupation: Free Agent
Homeland: Unrevealed
Birthdate: 13th, Last Moon in the Year of the Owl
Age: Twenty-Something
Height: 6'1"
Weight: <150lbs
Hair: Pale Blue
Fur: Ink Black
Eyes: Obsidian

When Shone first appeared in Elysia a year or two before he discovered Elysian City, he'd forgotten a few years to drink and other forms of vice. Once there he promptly proceeded to make a name for himself in the various taverns as a ne'er do well, running up tabs and roving up skirts to his bittersweet content. His bawdy songs and tall tales often entertained, earning him perhaps more leniency from the judgement of his peers than he deserved. Still he remained a solitary sort, prone to fickle wanderlust and the pursuit of his own inscrutable interests.

Little yet is known about this fellow or his history, questions being often deflected by exaggerated stories or outright lies. Those who watch him closely have gleaned that he can perform stage magic. Small acts of prestidigitation like lighting a cigarette without a match and the uncanny storage in the myriad pockets of his trench coat hint at - but have yet to illuminate - his abilities or their origins.

Acquaintance with rare furres has polished some of the rough edges from Shone and he has reached Elysian City a rather more urbane fellow than he began. The warm reception he met keeps him obliged to behave himself… Mostly, and inclines him to linger rather than drift again to some other place.

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