The following is a list of topics on the society and culture of Elysia and the world it inhabits. Please consider this a comprehensive resource.

The Very Basics

A Brief History of Elysia - A chronicle of the Kingdom
Effect of the Supernatural on History - How magicke has changed life on Earth
Social Issues


Elysia - Home of the brave (and furry)
Invasion - The disastrous War of 1579
D/s - Elysia's kinky open secret
Sport and Leisure - What Elysians do when not being invaded
Yanaka War Song - Divide and conquer


The Races of the World - Overview of the mortal and supernatural races
Humans - Never heard of 'em


Horde of Arrym - Lizard civilization
Novare - The Scandinavian War Machine
The Rephan Empire - A North American Rome
The Resistance - Power to the People
Yanaka - Indigenous peoples of Elysia
Zabel - Mesoamerican Empire

Government & Military

Elysian Constitution - Four score and…
Great Seal - Collective terminology
King's Aegis and Knight - Arise Ser Such-and-Such!
Navy - Join your fellow man
Nobles - Blue-bloods
The Peace Keepers
Royal Mage Company - Spell-flingers for Queen & Country

Commerce and Trade

Cartels - Our thing
Elysian City Chamber of Commerce - A listing of businesses and outfits in Elysian City
Magister's Guild - Flick with the wrist, pay through the nose
Malthus & Fullo - Banking Conglomerate
Masoner's Guild - Builders union
Runebridge Guild - Alternative Magicke


Blue Gorgon - Yo ho!
The Cartels - Organized crime
Peace Keeper - The thin black line between society and chaos
Shiva's Marauders - Mercenaries

Ethnic Groups

Demshia - Wolf clan
Ondoru-Jin - Gypsies of Elysia
Queen's Pets - Thespians


Eastern Star
Old Temple

The Supernatural

Auffester - City of Magicke
How EC deals with Digo Avatars
The Faeries
Ki - Test your might!
The Nianju of Stara Ziema
Psionics or "Psi"
Skull and Bones - Anybody into Lovecraft?
EC's Nosferatu: The Returners


Elysian City Library - Books available for checking out at Elysian City's large archive
Somerwood Sickness - Altered states
Queen's Cup Boxing - The Sweet Science of Elysia
Nawab - The Merchant Prince
Other Guilds - Not worth reading about
Xaverian League - Renaissance Lacrosse!

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