Spike Lakitu

Name: Tsu Pai Ku Lakitu
Alias: Spike Lakitu
Race: Lupine
Occupation: Proprietor of a full service day and night spa.
Homeland: Joketsozoku, Remote province of China
Gender: Male
Age: unknown
Height: 6’ 0”
Weight: 200 lbs. (variable)
Hair: Frost White
Fur: Midnight Ebony
Eyes: Smoke Gray
Markings: Patterned stripes as well as facial branding as befitting abnormal beings

Para elemental control of water, extensive control of own spiritual energies, minor projection, possessed so highly resistant to possession.

An outcast from his homeland, he has wandered for a great deal of time, his efforts directed toward finding peace and stability for himself after having brought his "blood" condition under control. Purely by chance he found himself voyaging to Elysia. Upon arrival he was greeted by the mayoress, a furre that turned out to be very dear to him. This and the general climate of welcome that Elysia gives off has decided him on remaining there.

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