Sport and Leisure

Though Elysia is a place of calamity at times, her citizens have cultivated the fine art of having fun.


Curling - A winter game played with frozen bowls of ice on an ice rink. The object is to carefully judge the speed and power required to land your "bowl" in the correct hashmarks. This is popular with the royal family and the nobles.

Combat sports - Many fighting sports from the wide world have come to Elysia with her multi-ethnic settlers over the years. Most of these fell under the now-defunct Queen's Cup Boxing tournament circuit, but now are more independent and unsupervised. Boxing has traditionally been the most popular among the Common people, but has caught the interest of the Nobles as well who traditionally favoured the Joust.

Tennis - A popular import from France, but still having minimal foothold with the Elysian populace who deem it too aristocratic for their taste.

Cricket - Much like the real-world cricket, this originates in faraway middle-asia, and is moderately popular as a summer sport.

Baggataway - More commonly known to the reader as Lacrosse, it is the single most popular of all Elysian sports, and has its own national league. Originally a game played by the Yanaka, it held a religious significance and sometimes was played to resolve disputes. Nowadays, however, it is extremely competetive, and a national obsession for Elysians of both Colonial and Yanaka heritage. See Xaverian League.

Leisure Activities

Elysians are known to engage in chess, go, lawn-bowling, billiards, and many other games. They also tend toward numerous games of cards, particularly in taverns where room for large tables is inconvenient. An international hub of culture and trade, most of the games of the 16th century from all across the world will be played here, however particularly popular with Nobles and Commoners alike are backgammon and cards.

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