Tales - Cousins

Tales #1 - "Cousins"


It’s been a bad year. Times are tough for the down and out, and you’re no exception. Though the economy once thrived, the catastrophic Civil War has ended, and amongst the rubble jobs are scarce. What few ways of making a buck there are are swallowed up by incestuous favouritism among guilds, gangsters, and the children of the affluent or well-connected… and you’re none of those. You swore never to resort to the seedier side of paying the bills, but it was your destiny to be in that pub, that night, overhearing that conversation, and besides, the situation is desperate. Just this once, and never again, right?

The Job:

You overheard a poor merchant from Tian (a boomtown halfway between here and the capital) in the Seaside Tavern say he had a cousin coming to town from across the pond. With nothing but some broken Common –tongue and a beat-up rucksack, his dear beloved cousin would be ill-equipped to set up the family business in Elysian City, and yet the livelihood of the entire family depends on him doing just that. The merchant offers good gold coins to any few who’d be willing to take on the job of Guides to the City, and his dear cousin’s bodyguard should anyone decide to take advantage of the poor immigrant’s sad state of affairs. It’s a simple job, really… Just set him up with a small loan, direct him to some real estate for sale, and make sure he doesn’t fall in with any of EC’s notorious loan sharks or other malcontents. The merchant claimed he was leaving the following night back to Tian, but to come see him down at the refugee tents if you want the job.

Words of Warning:

It would probably be a good idea for those uncomfortable with forceful work not to apply. Knowledge of Elysian City, any idiot could tell you, is a prerequisite. The merchant clearly had and has no intention of asking the Peace Keepers for help, so you can assume this is something the family would prefer to be kept away from the prying eyes of the law… at least until such time as the family can get up and running and contribute to society as lucrative Elysian citizens. The job seems awfully simple, though, and that’s good Elysian gold up for grabs for a paltry few days’ work. It’s a bit hard to resist.

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