Tarel Firespawn

Name: Tarel Firespawn
Gender: Male
Race: Canine
Occupation: Blacksmith
Homeland: Unknown
Birthdate: October 9th
Age: Unknown, looks early-thirties
Height: 6’ 3”
Weight: 218 lbs.
Hair: Courage Red
Fur: Deep black with red vein-like stripes, a rather furry lava effect
Eyes: Royal Blue

No powers known at this time but psionics will find a mid-level mindblock and magic users will sense the capacity of a user.

Has problems with water, and because of that, rarely bathes. While surprisingly not foul-smelling, he does constantly smell of smoke and hot metals because of his work.
Has a soft spot for music boxes, they make him fall asleep almost instantly.

Personal Equipment:
Utility belt full of smithy tools
Heavy knight boots with half-plate armor.
A stash of custom weapons he has developed or forged over the years. Often, some are on his person.

Tarel is an enigma. A resident of Elysian City for over twenty years and not aged a day. No close friends, no known family, no one knows much about his past. He seems to like it that way and rather enjoys hearing the rumors of the locals about theories of his past. He occupies himself with long days at the smithshop and late night drinks at the taverns. A solemn fellow who seems to brighten up at even the most casual of conversations. He tends to keep his opinions to himself but some things do flare his temper at times. And a hot temper it can be, especially after drinking.
But the locals like him enough and he likes them. It is his home with no plans of leaving his place of refuge and peace. His latest interests have him researching in the library and keeping up on the excavation news.

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