Full Name: Tetsuya Tsubasa
Gender: Male
Occupation: Investigative Agent, Former Tailor
Age: Appears early 20's
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 145 lbs.
Race: Feline
Hair: Lt. Sky Blue
Fur: Cream
Eyes: Hazel

Tetsuya spent most of his early years in an isolated village where he had been adopted by the elder. The elder's son, Aaron, whom later became Tetsuya's best friend, had discovered the young kit on the edge of the forest southwest of the village, laying unconscious and remembering nothing more than his strangely Japanese name, despite his very European appearance. He was taught to read, write, hunt and fight with the sword. When Tetsuya entered his early teen years the village was attacked by raiding marauders and burned to the ground. Tetsuya and Aaron fled from the burning rubble back into the forests. The marauders tracked them into the forest, and under the light of the moon and the thick of the rain, Aaron sacrificed his own life for Tetsuya, buying him time to escape even deeper into the dark forest.

Tetsuya remained in the forest for five years, living on the land, before venturing out to find a new home in a renown kingdom in Europe. He lived there for two years, making many friends and marrying a fox named Shia Duvont, but would be forced to flee when the town fell due to incompetent ruling and tyranny. He escaped with his new family and his pet, Visara, to Elysian City. Tetsuya opened a humble tailor shop as his mate quickly escalated into politics and was officially made a noble.

Years later, he would father his first child, Amber Duvont, as he continued to build a relationship with his stepdaughter Rei-Xor. However it was long after than his life began to turn upside down, his pet leaving home to pursue an enigmatic and nomadic noble named Keifur, a slowly crumbling marriage, and not the least of which the appearance of an assassin (Kousai) who was discovered to work alongside his long lost friend and mentor, a very alive Aaron.

(to be continued)

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Art by Deca

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