The Races of the World

This is no small undertaking to explain and categorize the many races and species of the world. But we will try to make it as simplified and streamlined as possible here for you to skim over. However, if you'd like to know more than what's mentioned here, you'll definitely want to click the links to take you to more descriptive and helpful pages about the listed groups.

Another note to make is that while this list will mention where a species or race originates, that doesn't mean that individuals, families, or even colonies of of a specific group didn't migrate to places all over the world. In other words, the majority of said race may still claim a homeland, that doesn't mean all of said modern individuals hail that locale as their homeland these days.

Unusual Species

Avian: Bird-descended peoples of all walks, including flightless varieties. They typically have vestigial wings in addition to arms, though some retain the ability for flight.
Behemoth: Giants of Stara Ziema. Similar to furres, but more primitive in culture. They encompass all mammal species.
Daruni: A entire race born within the last two hundred years out of the alchemical experiments of the Novari. The large and sturdy obsidian unicorns were intended to be nigh emotionless and highly loyal shock troopers, however more recent natural generations in Elysia have shown a great deal of normal typical mortal behavior. The Novari counterparts typically remain as their ancestors, making many assume its a matter of upbringing and social climate.
Demshia: A wolfclan of the Dark Lands, they live similarly to the Yanaka of Elysia, but have a strange trait of being the possessor of of beings called Wraths, wraith like shadow spirits that are bound heavily to their owner's emotions, and can even be considered a manifestation of the Demshia's subconscious.
Scales: Term encompassing all reptilian/lizard peoples including Arrym and Dragons.
Fae: Otherworldly beings of a vast variety across all parts of the world.
Returners: More commonly known as vampires, these creatures exist due to a genetic disease known as Jiangshi that causes bizarre and sometimes beneficial mutations in the infected.
Nagual: Therianthropic shape shifters that seem to be a mixed history of rare genetic anomaly and magical experimentation. While rare, they are more commonly found within the ranks of more earthy folk, like the tribes of Afrika, Stara-Ziema, and the Yanaka people.
Nianju: Wolf or lion-like mythic beasts who are incredibly rare but populate a great many legendary tale.
Phoenix: Neither Fae nor mortal, the creatures are among the most mysterious concerning origins. They are a very rare and unique avian race who have talents of air and fire elementalism almost by default as well as a highly coveted abilities of healing, so powerful, a talented Phoenix can return lost limbs and even resurrect lives under certain conditions. It's other unique trait is that when a Phoenix dies, it is reborn from its ashes. It doesn't however retain its former memories and abilities well, instead rebooting itself almost like a reincarnation, though many will have reoccurring dreams and nightmares and deja vus concerning their former lives. Click Fae article for more.
Wings: Though naturally only Avian and Draconic species possess wings, a recessive gene exists in some furres that produces winged offspring. This is thought to be the result of the magickal breeding experiments similar to those that created the Naguals, and more recently the Daruni. This trait is excessively rare. Please read details for more.


There are a lot of groups that excel in very unique ways that nearly lean to call them a race all their own. Yet, for the most part they are gifted furres from specific regions. Here are some examples out of many.
Mala Ruz: The bat people of the archipelago of their namesake.
Vex: Extremely talented lapine mages from the Stara Ziema.
Yanaka: Indigenous wolf clans of Elysia.
Xantha: Powerful panther ruling class of Stara Ziema.

Common Species

Furre: First of all, it should be said that most all species on this page are encompassed by this single simple name. It is a generic term, like human, to describe the sentient creatures that are the predominant life in the known world. But the standard Furre is better described in the list below than the list above. Anthromorphic, bipedal representations of humankind in an alien and very parallel world.

Bovine: Domestic cattle, ox, buffalo, bison, kudu, yak, goat, gazelle, antelope.
Canine: Domestic dog, coyote, wolf, fox, jackal, hyena.
Equine: Horse, donkey.
Feline: Domestic cat, lion, panther, jaguar, lynx, tiger, bobcat, cheetah, ocelot.
Lagomorph: Rabbit, hare, hyrax. Also commonly referred to as Lapine.
Musteline: Ferret, otter, badger, raccoon, weasel, mink, wolverine, marten, skunk.
Rodent: Mouse, rat, hamster, squirrel, chipmunk, capybara, vole, prairie dog.
Ursine: Bear.

Players may represent character species with any avatar of their choosing.

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