The Resistance

The Resistance generally refers to the insurgent force, comprised mostly of Elysians, which actively resisted the Novari occupation force. They were chiefly concerned harassing and breaking the power of the Novari provisional government, as well as the protection and safekeeping of wanted individuals.

Later, their tactics began to move toward the assassination of Novari VIPs and destruction of the Occupation's ability to keep control. As the Novari detained, tortured, and executed suspected rebel fighters and agents, the Resistance escalated as well, eventually to the killing of soldiers and bombing of Novari-occupied government buildings. The Resistance was critical in securing ammunition and compromising Novari defenses during last year's uprising. It was their actions, many feel, that led to the uprising, which in turn led to the new Treaty Provisions. Many Resistance fighters accepted the terms of the Treaty and laid down their arms, to once again take up their old ways of life, being granted general amnesty by the new Treaty government.

The Only People We Hate More Than The Romans…
Following the Treaty, however, many disgruntled former members of the Resistance were displeased with the terms of the agreement, and simply at the inclusion of their former enemies in the new Elysian government. Many of these included political malcontents and reformers from even before the war, including many anti-Monarchists and followers of fringe political movements.

This group became known as the /Elysian Front for Vengeance and Freedom/EFV//), claiming this was the name used by the Resistance during the occupation, and that their membership included the vast majority of its founders. They have yet to carry out any attacks or demonstrations against the new Treaty regime, however official policy on the part of the Coalition Government is to arrest anyone associated with this group, and try them for High Treason. They are considered terrorists by many citizens who feel they went too far and antagonized the Novari occupiers into escalation and atrocity. They have performed three assassinations of Novari officials since the Treaty, and remain fugitives from the law.

Of all the factions, this is likely the most dangerous one to belong to. EFV fighters put their lives on the line every single day, constantly avoiding detection and capture by the Coalition Government.

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