Governor: Agmund Geirrssen, Mayor of Tian

Population: 9,000

Protection: House Vale as well as a special interest with the Song Cartel. 2 Peace Keeper precincts and a garrison of Novari soldiers.

Location: On the eastern crossroads between Hardenport, Elysian City, and Aesir. About 30km due southwest of Olympia.

History: Born as a small settlement that allowed travels to rest on their way between three of the major cities before Olympia turned into the famous resort town it now is, Tian was a simple settlement of inns and restaurants as well as entertainment halls and taverns until it grew to hold it's own sizable population where it became quite a trading hub as it was easier for many to travel to Tian to trade goods to the merchants there and have it someone else's responsibility to move it on the other cities at reduced profit.

Currently in dispute between the current ruling house of the Vales and the House Sekiz who lead to lay claim to it, the town itself has suffered little from the political upheavals outside the Occupation which severely hurt their economy. Back in stride with the open trade routes among mainland nations, Tian has again returned to it's former glory and is experiencing growth from the great number of Novari who have chosen to settle there. While tensions remain, they have been welcomed with relatively open arms. Currently looked after by the first officially elected Novari mayor in Elysia, seconded by Elysian City's Gudrin Osterlund.

The town has a very middle-America feel with large pavered streets through the well crafted and semi-ornamental large buildings of downtown and from their quickly sprawls from humble apartment buildings to cottages and cabins the become further and further apart until one actually enters the farmlands surrounding the town. Controversially hangs Elysian and Novari banners all through town on lampposts and storefronts as if proud to be among them both.

Landmarks: Massive town square that is nearly a 24/7 farmer's market of goods from all over the island and beyond. A Novari Keep that still houses soldiers who are largely loyal to the homeland but have grown ties to the local government, notable for ship cannons mounted on three towers that can oversee much of the plains around the town. Rumored to be the location of Song Cartel leader's, Zhou Wei Shin, vacation home.

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