• In Europe, the Empires of the renaissance are being formed from loosely-associated European tribal nations. The Novare Imperium begins with the conquest of Scandinavian territories by their first King, Harrefort. Remnants of Rome struggle to survive, and soon Byzantium will make way for the mighty Ottomans. Persia turns its eye toward India and the Far East.
  • In Asia, the old Mongol dynasty has collapsed, giving birth to Shenzhou, a vast, peaceful, advanced society that values self-sufficiency and shuns outside influence. Japan, meanwhile, is embroiled in a bloody civil war.
  • In Stara Ziema, the Rephan Empire has stretched to the four corners of the North continent. The many nations that will form Zabel, meanwhile, still battle each other in the South.
  • In Afrika, the Songhai Empire has absorbed the lands of the earlier Mali and Ghana kingdoms, and become a major player, controlling the Gold Coast and some of the Central-West. The Kingdom of Kongo is born in 1400 in Central Afrika, and East on the Horn of Afrika the Rotaric Aksum Empire holds its own against Kaetani invading powers.
  • Worldwide, the black plague rampages. The Great Purge, when nations blame the plague on mages, removes much of magickal society from the kingdoms of the world.


  • The Novari first colonize and excavate Elysia, at the behest of a coalition of European interests. Much of their workforce is made up of slaves taken from Europe and Afrika, with multi-european hierarchy in place. Of particular interest to the colonial force are the ruins of an extinct civilization known as the Ancients. The richest of these mysterious sites, full thousands of years old but still largely intact, becomes a bit of a national obsession, and is named Aesir.
  • The Seelie and Unseelie Courts go to war.


  • The Ottoman empire is recognized after the conquest of Constantinople.
  • Auffester is founded by mages. Soon, the Runebridge Academy for the Magickal Arts will be formed. Meanwhile, the Elysian population is cruelly subjugated, many of them enslaved, by the Novari. The many European powers who invested in the colonization have withdrawn their support for the "project".


  • Builders from the early days of colonization form the first Elysian Masoner's Guild.
  • Russian principalities united under the Tsardom of Muscovy.
  • In Europe, the Old Temple Religion splits into two more opposed sects, the new Archonate founded in Germany and the older more traditionalist Rotaric of eastern Europe.


  • Michel Aucoin, later to be called Xavier I, leads a violent revolt against the Novari provisional government.
  • Malthus & Fullo, the international banking conglomerate originally in support of the Novari, switches sides and secretly supplies a bankroll to Xavier's militia.
  • The First Novari War begins, and triggers the Elysian Revolution. Xavier is crowned first King, and annual Independence celebrations begin.


  • British explorers are sent to make contact with the Rephan Empire in Stara-Ziema. No word of their fate is received back home.
  • Formation of the Xaverian League in the sport of Baggataway, a sacred Yanaka game now becoming Elysia's national pastime.


  • The Novari Empire renew their campaign of European conquest, placing Britannia under siege in the west, and seizing much of the Baltic Kingdoms. All across Europe and Western Asia, kingdoms begin to cast off their old bitter rivalries and unite against the common threat.
  • Skull and Bones, the secret guild of Necromancers, opens their first Lodge in Elysia in Vanir.


  • Second Novari War occurs as the Novari return to retake their colonial holdings. Xavier dies of a fever during the first part of the war, leaving his young son Prince William to fight the Novari as King. Elysia is victorious, but in ruins. Widespread hunger and disease follow the war.
  • A group of Elysian and British settlers set out for Stara Ziema, this time with many gifts for whoever they meet. Most of the Brits are turned away to starve on the return journey, but the Elysians fare better in negotiations. A basic trading relationship is established between the Rephan Empire and Elysia. Yet still, little contact with the ruling Xantha class is achieved.


  • King William dies in a hunting accident. His daughter, Juanita, assumes the throne as Queen Regent until such time as her son, Josephus, comes of age. Prosperity follows.


  • The Battle of Orsha halts Muscovy's (Russia) expansion into Eastern Europe.
  • The Novari battle a united Spain and Italy under the Castillian Monarchy. They oust Castille from the straight of Gibraltar, and gain exclusive control.
  • Elysia has escaped its severe recession after the Second Novari War by becoming the world's only trade interloper to Stara Ziema. Many European kingdoms are forced to use it as a jump-off point for trade with the Rephans. This provides the nation with a new economic engine which will stimulate vast and accelerated growth. Elysian City once again becomes a boomtown.


  • Queen's Cup Boxing founded across the country, with the first title match in Vanir.
  • The Horde of Arrym relocate to Stara Ziema and establish the Arrym Free State in the Caribbean region. They are aided by the Yurq'ua'an Lizard Clans.
  • Queen Juanita abdicates, and Josephus, now of age, becomes King. He quickly alienates the Eastern Star and many of the institutions of Elysia. Protestations are met with harsh treatment; mass arrests, and ritual executions by drowning.
  • Maria Lamaste leads a popular movement among academics and religious scholars, establishing the Papal Caliphate office as the head of the Templar religion, a position previously held by the Elysian Monarch.


  • Elysia has suffered under the madness of King Josephus. Josephus actually accuses his mother of treason and executes her, and then the very same night is taken with a bizarre fever and dies in terror and guilt. He is succeeded by his brother, Allonzo.


  • Ottomans take Baghdad from the Persians and gain control of Mesopotamia. The Spanish empire of Castille brokers peace with the bolstering Ottoman force, arguing for unity to match the challenge of the magickally dominant Novari.
  • The Tuatha de Danann establish small colonies in Auffester and Misty Hood, respectively.


  • King Allonzo murdered by deranged Templar Priest. Succeeded by Devonus, who rules, reluctantly, for many many years.


  • The British Empire attempts to annex Ireland under its yoke. With the Novari at their doorstep and resources stretched thin, they are repelled and Ireland maintains its independence.
  • Arrym lord Ahk'tsiel dies, current lord Tyrraktal assumes rule. The Rephan Empire attacks the Horde lands and severely weakens the fledgling Arrym Free State. A new direction, one of conquest, is promoted among the Arrym under Tyrraktal.


  • The Peace of Eastfall - British and French interests sign a Treaty making them allies against the Novari. In the following months other European kingdoms will sign, as well, fostering the first whispers of a united Europe against the Novari.
  • In Afrika, the Novari take the Gold Coast and oust the Songhai Empire from their Northern landholdings.


  • European religious warfare slows to a halt with the union of the Old Temple faiths across many kingdoms. They come under the heel of the Caliphate of the Light, among its first edicts addressing the threat of the supernatural.
  • With a fear of magicke borne from the Novari conquest, the European nations begin to turn their rage and terror inward. An edict of the Old Temple recommends all nations confine their Fae to separated ghettos, and revoke any citizenship they may have. Many die.


  • The Ottomans simultaneously refuse the Eastfall Treaty and finally go to battle with the Novari, sowing the seeds for hundreds of other conflicts in the continent. Europe is engulfed in war. Asia consolidates its empires for a period of totalitarian stability.
  • Japan conquered almost entirely by a petty and vengeful Shogun called Oda, ending the longstanding civil war at great cost.


  • King Devonus of Elysia has decided, controversially, to name his granddaughter Gia his successor. He dies in spring of 1560, and she assumes the throne, quickly gaining enough approval to have an amendment passed in the Constitution on her behalf. This amendment holds in equal regard a monarch's choice for male or female successors.


  • Sebastian DuVont slays the Dunmoore royal family and assumes the throne.
  • A rat called Starr leads a revolt of commoners, and ascends to become the first Kaiser of a vast Austro-Germanic empire.
  • Displaced refugees from feudal Japan rejoin family on Lodis Island, and bolster the ethnic Japanese population of Elysia.


  • The Ottoman Empire and the Novari are locked in combat in North Africa. Both sides fight on multiple fronts as other European interests try to take advantage of their distraction.
  • Gilles Lacroix creates the Blue Gorgon pirate clan.
  • European Kingdoms skirmish over the trade waters near Elysia. The fledgling government narrowly avoids conflict with Spain. Meanwhile, the pacific is overrun with civil strife and bloodshed once again.



  • Kazuma Taishiro takes over the Blue Gorgon.
  • Shia Duvont elected mayoress.
  • The Novari challenge the Ottoman navy in the Mediterranean in order to secure the Strait of Gibraltar as their own once and for all. Novari victory changes the balance of power, restores Novare to superpower status, and shatters the influence of the Ottomans.
  • Lithius Kensen escapes prison.


  • Ryssa Kodora arrived in Elysia and begins her local career with her troupe.
  • Experimentalist necromancer, Raquin, inadvertently creates a lethal but short-lived monstrous plague come to be known as the Hardenport Marathon.


  • A Xantha envoy arrives in Elysia, marking the first true political contact between the Rephan Empire and Elysia, and with the East for that matter.
  • Infamous Returner Nicolae Van Doma wreaks havoc on Elysian City, but is destroyed.
  • The Ronosi incident. Wilde Ganner replaces "Lord Ronosi" as the Duke of Austerath.
  • After one of their number is lost at sea, the Demshia tribe arrive on the Elysian mainland and begin a settlement near Elysian City.



  • Alya Kalim becomes the Northern Elysian Duchess.




  • The Novari arrive, ostensibly to assist Elysia's losing war.
  • The Battle of Vanir, and the reappearance of the Yanaka War Song.
  • Airika Nerys departs Elysia to make a new life in Europe.
  • Dunmoore's revolution is finally successful. The land becomes the people's.
  • The Arrym Horde surrenders. In the wake of this event, the Novari begin to take control of Elysian townships.
  • The Occupation begins.
  • Xander Pride assumes control of the Elysian City cartels. Many other Cartel groups are formed simultaneously.
  • The Responsible Sorcery Act is put into practice by the Novari Provisional Government, establishing the Magister's Guild and its monopoly on magicke.
  • Alya Kalim establishes one of the first Resistance cells.




  • Gudrin Osterlund elected mayor of Elysian City after Shia Duvont steps out of the race.
  • Tokugawa Ieyasu is installed as Shogun of all Japan. Rumours credit a fae sorceress in his dubious victory.


  • Darryk Nerys emerges from a questionable past to run the Shattered Emerald in his half-sister's absence.
  • Elysian City's poor experience harsh deterioration in their neighborhoods, and a plague threatens the city.
  • Moloch and his empire brings down an uprising in the south, capturing more territory within the lands of Zabel.


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