History and Personality: (Basic history, will be updated at a later time) Ultre is a clan member of the Demshia clan, residing in a small settlement a few miles away from Elysian City. He spends his days either working in the clan store (Demshia Produce and Pies) or tending crops in the settlement. He is married to Atara and has a son, Altar the 2nd.



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Ultre is kind and bighearted outside of work but has been known to be rather shrewd while working. He despises hagglers, and his strange accent sometimes forces him to repeat himself to those who can't understand him (Or the rest of his clan to that matter). Even with his kind nature, he is still trained in the ways of battle, as are all Demshia; though like them, he would use this only as a very last resort.

Full Name: Ultre Demshia
Gender: Male
Race: Wolf
Occupation: Merchant

Age: 20
Orientation: Heterosexual
Affiliation: Demshia Clan
Height: 5ft 9in
Weight: 182 lbs

Hair: White
Fur: Black in summer, white in winter
Eyes: Blue
Markings: Same as Fur

Magicke: Can quadruple the growth of plants by four times. This also taxes the soil the plants are in tremendously. Can summon a wraith of himself to attack; this also leaves him in a weakened state for a few hours afterwords.

Abilities and skills: Merchant, hunter, farmer

Weaknesses: Over trusting, looks for the best in people.

Physical description: Green tunic, red silk cloak with the words, “Demshia Produce and Pies” stitched into it. Rawhide boots. A pair of daggers are strapped to his belt, inside their holders.

Theme song(s): N/A

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