Full Name: Urika
Gender: Female
Race: Timber Wolf
Occupation: High Shaman
Homeland: Back in the Aupaki Tribe mountain place.
Age: 23
Orientation: Bisexual
Affiliation: Yanaka
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 152 lbs.
Hair: Black!
Fur: White
Eyes: Blue
Markings: Greyish offwhite

Magicke: Druidic Magicke - She can heal people with her bass, and it's even capable of healing people with severe injury.

Abilities and skills: Also has an extensive knowledge of her people's medicene, and isn't that bad at playing the previously mentioned bass, can speak a good amount of common.

Weaknesses: She doesn't really do combat, she can't read or write, and she often runs into translation issues, xenophobic, often rather rude to non-Yanaka

Physical description: The wolfess carried herself in a way that can only be described as badass. Wearing a nice fur cloak that trailed behind her on the ground, it erased her tracks from the world wherever she walked. Other than that she had just a set of loincloths on. Which honestly, sort of complimented her form. She had long hair, obsidian in it's colour, usually kept surprisingly kempt. Barefoot she walked, with an acoustic bass slung over her shoulder for healing purposes. When in the great city she was usually accompanied by some sort of personal guard. Usually having a small trail of smoke hovering before her eyes, due to the great tobacco plant.

History and Personality: The daughter of the Aupaki chief, she was being trained to channel her spiritual energy to become the shaman of her tribe. The Novari began to occupy her tribe's territory, and in this time she was sent to live in the city. Elysia aided her people, and to repay her people's debt, she is now back in the city many years later to heal people. And for personality? She's really just always laid back, playing around with her bass and usually telling people how stupid they are for getting hurt in the first place. And often tells people she doesn't like to go fuck themselves, which is most people in general actually. Most non-Yanaka. She's got a certain badassery to her.

Theme song(s):

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