Governor: Lord Drake Tyrole, Earl of Vanir

Population: 110,000

Protection: House Tyrole and its bannermen Houses

Location: Elysia's Westfall, along the coast


The second largest city in Elysia, Vanir is the workhorse that provides much of the manufacturing in Elysia's largely trade-economy. Particularly famed for its transportation and weaponry as it constructs the majority of airships, boats, wagons, armor, and weapons on the island.

In contrast to the many large academies inside of the capitol of Aesir, Vanir houses the largest single Peace Keeper academy in Elysia, famed for its quality instructors and high standing graduates. Despite the presence of this monolith of law and order, Vanir has the single highest rate of violent crime in Elysia. Cartels have enormous pull here, with many say an indifferent House Tyrole turning a blind eye to the carnage.

The Earling of Vanir itself is among the most resource-rich of all the jurisdictions. Though it lost many gold claims when the Western Ruins were ceded to the Yanaka multi-tribal concerns, Vanir has vast and enormous seams of copper, gold, iron and more bizarre and valuable minerals still. Many of House Tyrole's proud sons wear golden armor in battle, a lasting symbol of their opulence and wealth, contrasted sharply to the poverty of Vanir City.

Landmarks: Solid gold statue of Lord Victus Tyrole. Largest single Peace Keeper academy in Elysia. Widespread crime and pollution causing "landmarks" of a more dubious sort.

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