Vanir Keepers

Like the rest of Elysia since the Treaty, the Keepers in Vanir are a melting pot of the various factions and backgrounds.


Arturo Gravarius

One of the rare and mighty Thunderhoof breed of Daruni, it was his heroic and selfless deeds that kept the Arrym at bay. His survival after so many acts are considered nothing less than being blessed by the Light. While his health is now in grave condition, he still retains control over Vanir's Keepers and keeps the chaos of the clashing factions within his ranks from getting out of control.


Ice Morhal

Unable to convince her elder sister, Furea Morhal, from leaving a band of amazon bandits lead by a powerful mage named Shiva, she took it upon herself to join the Peace Keeper ranks to prevent Shiva's band from achieving its goals. It was far from easy going considering her Novari background, but she earned respect and trust. At least, until the Novari occupation. Under investigation by the Novari council and a target by the radical Elysian resistance movements, she tried to lay low. However, once the treaty was signed, she found herself in position as constable, bridging the trust gap between peoples. But make no mistake, her namesake is from her cold heart, not her given name.

Morgana Petra

A Daruni of the old guard, aged and experienced, she has little tolerance of bad behavior of any kind. She kept her streets clean of the criminal elements that plagued the rest of Vanir's grungy streets. She was constable before the invasion, and remained in her seat along with her chief, Arturo, even to this day. She's harsh and by the book, even with her own Precinct, but usually fair. As a side note, she is related distantly to Elysian City's Granseal.

Notable Keepers


She was a unique case in recent days after the Treaty. She made her living as a monster hunter across Elysia, even having offered her services to Elysia and Novari both against the Arrym. She has an impressive resume, and having been brought on board the official Vanir Keepers has made locals wonder if there aren't darker issues than bandits and burglars wandering around the streets at night.


Once one of the slave soldiers to the Arrym, his freedom lead to interest into Elysian society where he joined the Vanir Keepers with his reckless but courageous flair and strong sense of duty. Not easily impressed, he has great respect and wonderment to the point of idolship toward Arturo.

Brady Laruta

Fresh from the academy, Brady is studious young Daruni who's spent a great deal of his studies into the mind and criminal attitudes. One might call him an early variation of a modern forensic scientist. He's been hot on the trails of serial-killers, corrupt political dealings, and the Vanir trade cartel ever since.

Carmine Bartlett

The small lanky fox is a veteran Keeper since before the war, and has a knack for sniffing out trouble. A talent that gets him into hot water more often than not as he's quick to let his temper flare, and while he thinks the opposite, he's no skilled fighter when he's riled up. Thankfully, his reluctant friend and comrade Tobias usually around to bail his sorry tail out of the trouble he gets himself into.


The insider. But for who? The local trade cartel's diplomatic ties to the government allowed them to get one of their own in on the Keeper force. This allowed them access to official channels and warnings to any actions taken against them. However, once Casimiro was discovered by Farai, he had no issue with providing cartel issue back to her while limiting the information he feeds back to his other superiors. However, his position means he no longer has any true identity to who his friends and enemies are.

Craig Garrison

He's a gruff Elysian bear with experience in interrogations and administration since the Occupation. But he admits he's a bully, and nothing brings a brought spot to his day like roughing up hooligans. He doesn't have many friends but he acts like he could care less. He gets information out of a captured thug faster than anyone. And these days, police brutality is just part of the game.


A token Arrym drake assigned to Vanir in hopes of smoothing the peace between the factions. Cruel lives up to his alias on the battlefield, using every violent means at his disposal to see his opponents felled. However, in all other forms of living, he's a sullen and shy fellow that would almost be considered a big teddy bear if he didn't look the part of a psychopathic mass murderer, even for a former Arrym siegemaster. He takes any jeers from the Vanir citizens with a hung head. However, his comrades in the Precinct have learned to appreciate him and treat him as any other. It's also come to notice that he has romantic interest in his superior, Ice Morhal, but does nothing about it.

Darius Mavroalogo

A middle-aged Daruni who's lineage include a high ranking general and a retired Aesir constable, among many other notables. Even his sister is a Keeper airship captain. His only passion is for justice however, having no interest in furthering his own rank, as he passed up offers of being deputy twice before finally taking it under Ice Morhal's personal request right after she was promoted. He lives and breathes his work with little interest for anything else.

Famke Tavros

Once very undersized Daruni for even furre standards in the academy, she was the butt of many non-Daruni Keepers. But times have changed since the awkward teenage years and the brawny enforcer is now well respected for her ability to bust heads and for her external activity supporting the local schools, encouraging children to better their bodies and minds through books and exercise. She has great affection for Marroc but at a complete loss for how to tell him.


Born of the Afrikan plains and a practitioner of shaman magic that her family hails from, Farai placed her interest in politics, working for the Duchess Alya Kalim for a few years before transferring to Vanir's mayoral office for administrative work before the war. Since the Occupation however, she had been trying to uncover and tear down the trade cartel that runs most of Vanir's underworld. This caught Morgana's eye and was transferred, much to Farai's exuberance, to the Keepers.


A dare-deviling soldier who fought alongside Arturo in the war without armor, claiming he wanted to keep things even with his giant armor plated drakonic foes. He was not without his injuries however, including a head blow that has continues to cause him moments of amnesia where he will lose track of portions of time from 5 minutes to a half a day. Regardless of this, he's still as flamboyant and eager to action as ever, always taking the hard path in life just because it's more exciting.

Jacinta Acevedo

Hailing from Mala Ruz, this bat had learned a lot in her aerial skirmishes against the Arrym airships that rained darkness and fear over western Elysia for so long. She lead her troupe of clansmen into battle time and time again, even against the Novari before the Treaty. Her tactics went into history books and landed her a prestigious position as one of Arturo's constables. She's a handful and isn't happy about working with the Arrym and Novari, but is quite pleased with her position under one of the most celebrated heroes of the war. She's also currently working with mages and inventors alike into the use of sound weaponry. The prototype, the Banshee, has been installed on most Peace Keeper airships.

Karl Archontas

His Daruni family consisted of farmers southeast of Vanir. But once the war saw the village upturned and joined the refugees at Vanir, he felt his destiny was meant for the battlefield instead of the cornfield. Joining at first as a militia and then as a fully recognized Keeper during the Occupation, he holds no ill thought toward the Novari nor the Elysians, but has complete distrust of any drakonic.


The Rephan didn't place many of their own into the Keeper ranks, but there were a few. Marroc, a neurotic badger, was one such case. An effective fighter who was first placed in the resistance cell hunting death squads for his tracking and combat skills, then was latched to the Vanir Keepers. He's impossible to control, the sort of loose cannon one would expect from an 80s cop movie, but no one can argue he gets the job done.


A Lufin Yanaka who lived peacefully on the plains of western Elysia until the Arrym invasion that saw his village burn and most of his people murdered. The refugees fled to Vanir rather than the forests of their kin, finding solace in the walls of the fortress city and their powerful armies. Impressed with the Keepers' resolve to hold the city during the siege and battling along side them when it was finally overrun, Rahka's rage and honor lead him to joining their ranks. He was refused during the Occupation, but once the Treaty was signed, he was gladly accepted into the ranks. He's still very much the primitive Yanaka among the progressive civilization the create culture shock issues, but it's a quirk overlooked by his peers.


Few have ever seen such a creature, a combination or rabbit and lizard. Some sort of bastard child of Arrym and Zabel who'd gone under Novari gene manipulation. With all the eccentricities of a Fae and the mage powers of an elemental three times his teenaged years, he is a complete mystery than even the Novari can't account for. And if this wasn't enough, he came with a friend… Task. The duos inclusion into the Vanir force was made through the heavy insistence of Arturo. And no one likes to disagree with him.


The slender necromatic build of a Novari research specialist does nothing to hide his former position, his tall, thin frame standing out from even the forms of his varied and ragtag compatriots. He started as a constable during the Occupation, a demotion from his former work, where he continues to serve as one under Morgana Petra. One of the Magisters of Vanir though in no position of rank there, he's a proven mage in the dark arts. What surprises many is his soft spoken tone, wise words, and amazing works of poetry about love and nature.


Shamrock's "pet". A furre sized clockwork creature in the form of a centaur spider, six spindled legs and two well built arms with a head of magical sensor devices and crystals built into its chest. It's believed to be possibly one of Mikrau's early experiments but its uncertain of where it came from or how it works, let alone why it seems to obey only Shamrock or that it appears to be quite ancient. But Arturo was enthralled with the strange creature and his mechanical wonder, both of infinite value to the Keepers. Needless to say, the Novari researchers and the Magisters both would love to get a hold of such a trophy of knowledge.

Tobias Grax

A Vanir veteran from before the war, he's best known for keeping fellow Keeper, hotheaded Carmine, out of trouble, and for his curiously very un-Daruni like appetite, presenting him with a rather flabby form for the typically peak physique race. But the extra size does give benefit to his enforcer status. Especially when dragging Carmine out of a scrap.


He started his Peace Keeping career in one of the outposts between Hardenport and Vanir. But he was bored to death of it, requesting a transfer that allowed him into Vanir's finest. It wasn't just boredom that he was after however. The nightlife of booze and girls was a siren's call that he was happy to answer. His ever increasing womanizing hasn't gone unnoticed within his own precinct, as there isn't a single female Keeper he hasn't flirted with.

Trick McCallister

A sleepy-headed otter who's heart was always in the right place, even if his head wasn't. He's been at Arturo's side since he was an academy graduate, and though still acts more as a personal assistant to the ailing general, he's often considered to be an equal to the other constables and deputies of the city. Not that he's ever taken advantage or basked in the praise even once.

Valentine Carrillo

She was one of Shiva's first valkyries. Traits that she kept with her when she turned to fighting with justice ever since her capture by Ice years ago. There is still some doubt if Valentine isn't with her old crew even now, but Ice seems to give complete confidence to her, even promoting her as one of her constables.

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