Brought up in the confines of one sea vessel after another, many of which in the occupation of piracy, until he landed a more permanent position upon a corsair vessel who scavenged and plundered the open seas of the Atlantic. Until he turned his interests westward, toward his quieted interests in the arcane, arriving in Elysia and under the employ of the Runebridge Mage Guild


The wild cat was born unceremoniously in the hold of a colonization vessel to a dying mother and no father in sight. The captain of the ship took him in after his mother passed, and gave him the name of Vaughan, stating that it ‘would be a trespass against the poor girl’s spirit’ if he had giving his own last name to the child. The years passed and young Vaughan swiftly became a versed rigger, growing up amidst storms and danger at sea, eventually growing into a tough lad.


About halfway through his teen years the captain who had taken him in died of pneumonia and the ship was passed to the first mate, Vaughan left the ship on the first port they dropped anchor, feeling that he had nothing to stick around for. After a failed stent as a scholar he felt the call of the sea sing in his veins once more. He dropped in and out of several outfits, some legal, most not until he landed a spot on the freebooter vessel the Bloodworm after a vacancy was created when he killed a crew member and it was decided that he had the chops to take his place. Many long years of sea travel and looting followed, Vaughan, by luck and skill, came away with nothing but a few scars and a missing canine tooth.


Eventually the word of Elysia caught his ear, the wondrous land of magic and knowledge, rekindling his long lost want to be a scholar so he convinced the crew to set sail, hinting at rich trading vessels coming and going from the ports. After months of traveling he arrived close to the island, bidding the crew and captain farewell he left on a one sailed boat bound for land with nothing but a few clothes, a pouch of gold and his weapons. Upon docking he took a stroll, bumping into a fateful stranger by the name of Koli Inarra was taken in by the Runebridge Guild as a commission guard.

Full Name: Vaughan
Alias: Vince (goes by), Vaughan Trussings
Gender: Male
Species: Furre
Race: Feline (wild cat)

Affiliation: Runebridge Guild (formerly the freebooter vessel Bloodworm)
Occupation: Guard for Runebridge commissions (former Corsair)
Homeland: Wherever he drops anchor (born at sea, Scottish ancestry)
Age: Mid-20s (26)
Birthdate: January 6

Orientation: Straight
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 150 lbs.
Hair: Ruddy Red, nearly shoulder length and unkempt, usually topped by a dew rag
Fur: Dark maple
Eyes: Amber
Markings: The fur on his chest is slightly lighter than that of the rest of his body.

Physical description: Obviously a corsair by trade judging by the bronze hoop earring and sea dog clothing worn with a motley array of daggers thrust into a red sash that helped keep his tattered and sun bleached pants up. Typically, fun and even more so loot is what runs this nomad of the ocean's life, along with an barrels of anything that contains a minute trace of alcohol, but there is a certainly gleam in his eye, something that goes beyond petty trinkets and rotgut, ambition, adventure, and knowledge is what really gets the cogs turning inside him, a thirst to experience it all. If you could use two things to describe him it would be 'short' and 'kind of crazy looking'.

Magicke: None

Abilities and skills: Excellent fighter and marks man with daggers as well as the pair of ebony and ivory pistols he possesses. He is quick and agile as well as a good climber from his days aboard various types of vessels. Ship craft comes to second nature to him, given that’s what he’s lived on for most of his life. Somewhat charming in a dangerous romance way, after all what lady doesn’t like a pirate from time to time?

Weaknesses: Lots of alcohol and sharp objects, lack of strong local ties

Theme songs: Bad Company (cover) by Five Finger Death Punch // You Could Be Mine by Guns ‘n’ Roses // War Nerve by Pantera (when he’s really pissed off at everything in general)

Misc Information

  • A bronze hoop earring regularly worn
  • A pair of ebony and ivory pistols
  • Consistent supply of daggers
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