Vincent Airin


Raised to be a warrior in his home tribe until his travels landed him in the middle of a Returner clan that brought him into their fold, where he was led into a very dark and dangerous world of experimental magickes and violent feuds. His escape from that life had left him mentally scarred with strings to a demonic power still looming in his mind.


Vincent was born into a nomadic family within the middle Europian countries, traveling the countrysides for the first years of his life. Once he reached the age of twelve he was considered old enough to fight according to his family and tribe like group, honing the arts of the blade over the option of archery as well as learning how to make his own weapons and armor under the tutelage of the tribe's masters.

Formative Years

For the next nine years, he fought with sword in paw in order to help provide for his family, battling both bands of raiders and organized groups of nobles alike, having no love for either. But once he was 21, Vincent traveled on his own, leaving his family behind for the time being in order to make a name for himself. Like many who tried it, it remained more of a dream than an accomplishment. He traveled the world, continuing his studying the arts of combat and picking up the skills needed to survive on his own.

Full Name: Vincent Airin
Alias: Vince
Gender: Male
Species: Black Wolf
Race: Furre

Affiliation: Associate-level Cryomancer of the Runebridge Guild.
Occupation: Sellsword, smith, medic
Homeland: Somewhere Central Europe
Age: 28
Birthdate: December 23rd

Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 150 lbs.
Hair: Crimson
Fur: Black with a gray underside
Eyes: Golden yellow
Markings: Patches of thinner fur in varying cut patterns

Magicke: Openly practices Ice magicke. Secretly a Shadow mage.
Abilities and skills: Well skilled in swordplay and able to respond fast enough to deflect bullets with his blades due to his enhanced form. His mental fortitude is also very strong, a side effect from training and particularly previous trauma making his mind a proverbial mine field to any mental invaders.
Weaknesses: Due to previous employment he is physically weaker than most others his size, he makes up with his augmented speed.
Physical description: Physically he looks very unassuming, the combination of his thicker fur and cloths covering and muscle underneath.
Personality: Calm and collected. At times cold and analytical to untrusted or unknown people.

And then two years into his trek it came to a grinding halt in a slave trading post. Vincent had managed to find himself in debt to several of the 'noble' members of the post and on the verge of being impressed into pit fighting for his debt. He was saved from that fate by the leader of the Nighteye clan known as simply John. Grateful and willing to pay off his debt to his liberator, he soon went to work for the man and his clan. He quickly became impressed by Vincent's devotion to the family he was tasked with guarding John's Daughter, Autumn.

Vincent was promised a way to grow stronger than ever before, which he foolishly agreed to. He was sired into the Returner's flock through unconventional methods, and then later, granted magical abilities through an equally experimental and unusual process uncommon to the Returner learned through Novari alchemy that infused elemental cores into their very being, bypassing the genetic boundary jiangshi generally created. But not without its disadvantages.

It was then when things began to change in the somewhat happy home of the Nighteyes. Over time the family was beset by feuds between rivals and enemies, most of which was centered around Autumn. In the end his once thought of savior lost his mind and will, succumbing to the dark taint that is demonic power. With such taint of the clan leader came its end, resulting in the death of Autumn and several other fighters for the clan and the marring of Vincent's soul, bound to the dark forces the Nighteyes had tampered with and had ultimately caused John's fall.

The Present

It has been several years since Vincent was without a true home once more, traveling about the world once again while taking up a few mercenary contracts here and there after careful consideration when absolutely needed. Due to his previous incidents with the darkness, the memories of his childhood had been all but eradicated to date, retaining faint glimpses and the skills the tribe had taught him. Likewise, due to the unusual nature of his bind to the clan, he was able to be cured of his quasi-jiangshi infection but left him with the elemental cores still intact. However, he was still connected to the dark presence left behind in the clan's dying wake.
How he has come to Elysia is entirely by accident, having decided one day to see what the sea had to offer. He hopes to make a stable and hopefully permanent life within the appeasing city.

Misc Information

  • Twin black blades, enchanted with hilt-mounted crimson gems that protect the blade from extreme damage.
  • A braided amulet with a fiery red gem.
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