Vladimir Ironwolf

Full Name: Vladimir Ironwolf
Gender: Male
Race: Lupine (Siberian Wolf)
Occupation: Peace Keeper
Homeland: Elysian City, Elysia
Birthdate: September 20th, 1545
Age: Mid-30s
Height: 6' 6”
Weight: 198 lbs.
Hair: Black (premature gray)
Fur: White
Eyes: Green

Bass/Baritone Singer
Bardic Arts
Blade Mastery

Pretty ladies: He's an incorrigible flirt
Orphans: He would adopt them all if he had the ability to care for them
Matters of Honor: Nomads have a rustic/barbaric concept of honor but they do have one.
He does not like the use of spells or magics
Tolerates authority to a point, defines civilization as a place where weak folk are led by the least qualified

Personal Equipment:
Silk brocade tcherkessa (riding coat)
Silk shavoary (baggy trousers)
Shashka (Cossack sabre of welded star-metal)
Bandoura (40 string harplike lute. Enchanted to cause songs to stir emotions)

Raised in distant steppelands which are frozen most of the year, he lived the harsh life among nomadic tribes, the life of hunting and raiding and constant struggle for survival. Leading a small patrol, he ambushed another tribe's raiding party, pursuing the survivors for weeks across steppes and desert. After he killed the last of the enemy, he realized that months had passed and he could not find the way home. His brothers split up, each seeking the way home. Vlad headed west and found great cities and exotic lands. Vladimir learned a dozen languages, selling his blade to many masters, fighting for coins and booty.
After over a decade of travel, his ship anchored in the harbor of Elysian City. Vladimir chose to go ashore and seek the next chapter of his adventures. This lead him into enlisting into the Peace Keeper militia, adopting two little orphans Daisy and Marigold, and marrying a troubadour dancer named Honey Twist.

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