Voscar Achon


Novari descendant


He was born as the eldest of four brothers, all of them far shorter than most folk, but Voscar was always the runt. He lived a simple city life until his late teens when his interest in making it on his own and becoming his own man lead him into the Peace Keeper Academy in his hometown of Vanir.


His Keeper career was understated, and even his stature aside, he didn't stand out in his duties. His promotions only came out of seniority. That wasn't to say he didn't do his work well, he just never took in particularly seriously. But truth be told, his size was a factor as well, just unable to be the sort of presence the much larger Daruni peers could be. A fact that played a roll in his decision to be transferred from his hometown to Elysian City to serve under the young and small mouse constable who seemed to not let his size undermine him. With a new vigor, it wasn't long before he found himself promoted to Captain of Arms, a position that had him keeping check on the armory and all Peace Keeper gear for the precinct. A job Voscar could appreciate and gave him more respect than he ever had as a patrol officer.

Full Name: Voscar Achon
Alias: Voscar the Vrouch
Gender: Male
Race: Furre
Species: Chow Chow (canine)

Affiliation: Elysian City Peace Keepers
Occupation: Peace Keeper
Birthplace: Vanir, Elysia
Age: Early-40s

Height: 4’ 8”
Weight: 135 lbs.
Hair: White
Fur: Tan Brown
Eyes: Grey


Arrym Invasion

No sooner was the invasion officially announced by the frantic messengers, Voscar went straight to work to secure extra weapons and armor, donning the responsibility of gathering the civilian militia and training those who would serve into any sort of fighting condition before they found themselves in the midst of battle. He fought in several of the battles involving Elysian City, including the final defense that saw Elysia's last victory before the Novari arrived.

Novari Occupation

Being of Novari lineage, he had no hatred for the Novari, but had no trust for them either. He begrudgingly followed the orders of Eli Sykes even as they arrested friends and comrades during the chaotic days of the Novari Occupation.

The Factions

No information at this time

Misc Information

  • Modified black Elysian City Peace Keeper armor
  • Standard issue claymore that he uses as a two-handed sword
  • Two or more hatchets he makes himself, or has Tarel Firespawn modify for him
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