Though unassuming in appearance, wisprr, as she has come to be known, has ridden on the back of history itself. With a career spanning centuries, the nonetheless young-looking feline has been a passive observer to the rise of kingdoms, and sometimes even a decisive participant in their fates.

Ancient Origin

For many centuries, the Makiir tribe flourished in the verdant jungles of Egypt. Immortals, all, they languished in unmarked time as early mortal nations rose and fell around them. And above them watched their Enchantress, the great chieftain Avansi. Beloved and practically worshipped by the Makiir, she carried a benevolent dictatorship that ensured peace, happiness and bounty for them all. Even when the mortals began to encroach on their territory, she secured their worship as well; with but one look upon her terrible power and radiant beauty, they willingly surrendered their own infants over to her, whether to their doom or dire bondage alike.

Ages passed by, and as the mortal grip stretched across the world, so too did the first of the terrible plagues. They ravaging misery of the mortals caused such terrible sympathetic magicke that it tore the first holes in the veil between this world and Fae. This was the first time the immortals were briefly separated from the font of power from which they all derive. And with it came possibilities they had never imagined.

Avansi had long lain down with her many serving pets to no unusual effect, but one fateful night, things changed. One of her slaves' seed quickened inside of her; she was, as the mortals said, with child. Half of her immortal host went mad on the spot: through what unholy congress had their Goddess been defiled? And how to rectify it? Some were even brazen enough to rise up against her, but despite their combined power were easily struck down for their defiance. She proclaimed the pregnancy a blessed event, and developed an affection for its sire, keeping him close to her from that day on.

The First

A long and arduous birth, described as an awe-inspiring spectacle of magicke produced a never before heard of result, a child of Fae and Mortal alike. Naming her Kasa, for the beautiful twilight of the night of her conception, she was to be set above the once rebellious Makiir tribe, though many of them were not content to let the child of a vulgar mortal rule over them.

Treated as a great treasure among them and attended by many servants, Kasa felt her first sadness as she watched her mother's loyal pet - her servile father, the one known as tysiln - grow old and frail. She had developed a great affection for him over the decades, even asking the lowly pet for fatherly advice on occasion. One day, as his illness grew too great to bear, tysiln supplicated himself before his Mistress and begged her permission to leave the world. And so tysiln was laid down in his grave, and with a loving touch of mercy, Avansi took the life out of her pet's frail body and gave him eternal rest.

Avansi cautioned her daughter not to become attached to mortals, for they were not long for the world and not to be dwelled upon. But Kasa mourned her father nonetheless, and always would remember his meek and gentle nature, his fierce loyalty, and his love.

And Here My Troubles Began

Kasa could not grieve long for her father. The Makiir tribe had watched in digust as a great funeral for a lowly animal had been carried out before their eyes, and could take no more. The rebels hatched a cunning plan, in secret - strike not at the Goddess, but at the child that had brought them such shame. They fed her such slanderous lies and causes of guilt and shame that it drove her young mind on itself - that she had caused her father's aging and death - that she would cause her mother's, as well - and many others so as to drive her away.

In anguish, Avansi was finally caught unawares, weakened by the sadness of her daughter's departure. She left her place of power in search of Kasa, but the two of them were deceived. The Makiir treasonously captured their Goddess, using their crude magicke to trap and confuse her, that they might convince her of her folly. But the vulgarity of their spells reached into the distraught spirit of Avansi, and shattered her connection to Fae. In her deafening death cry, Avansi's magicke released itself into the world in a great catastrophe, destroying many of the Makiir and mortals alike and laying waste to the city.

It was only when Kasa returned, to beg forgiveness, that she learned what the Makiir had done. And it provoked in her a terrible rage that sent her to the far end of the world - to where, as fortune would have it, the foundations for a great empire were being laid.

The White Witch of Novare

In the far snow-covered Scandinavia, having run the length of the world, Kasa found those who possessed the influence to secure her vengeance against the Makiir and all Faekind. They were mortals, but they coveted magicke the way she had never seen mortals do. They promised riches, servants, and when she declined, not desirous of those things, they delved into her mind, in secret, trying to learn the source of her ire and how best they could access it.

Kasa soon felt an incredible relief as her past melted behind her. All that remained was her insatiable appetite for vengeance. To this end, she took a new name - Velkyn, or Avenger in her mother's tongue. She returned to Egypt flying the banners of her new allies, and with thousands of warriors at her side, ready to take her vengeance on her mother's mutinous former tribe. But when she arrived, she found the Makiir virtually extinct - their lands ruined, their people dead, or gone mad with grief, having felt the loss of Avansi almost as keenly as Kasa had.

Unsatisfied with this meagre bounty, Kasa took her revenge on the fae of Europe, cutting a wrathful swathe back home to her new home in the frozen north as she killed and captured many more to satisfy her new allies' appetites. But upon her return, she learned of the true purpose of their depredations - not to defang the wicked fae, but to access the tethering magicke of their spirits, and use it to conquer the other mortal nations. In horror, the greatest weapon of the new Empire of Novare fled the lands, back to Egypt, thrown into grief all over again.

The Oath

Inside the tomb of her parents Kasa considered her own death. All around her war raged as the mortals turned her once verdant home into a bloodstained sandpit, but Kasa's mind was so wracked with guilt and shame at her actions that she could not think of any reason to carry on. She knelt where her mother's great sarcophagus stood, her father's body sleeping peacefully at his Mistress' feet, loyal in death as in life. Praying for guidance, she opened her veins and spilled her blood in the sand, but as she wept; an omen. Her mother had taught her the ways of the Augurs - sacrificial priests - and she recognize the blood-pattern instantly. It bid her stay alive, and put to right all which her rage had wrought.

Always afraid her magicke would be exploited as it had been before, she devised an unbreakable oath using the magicke of her own spilled blood: She would 1) never through word nor deed cause her magickes to be learned by others, whether they be mortal or fae 2) never cause the death of a living person ever again and 3) right the wrongs her vengeance had unleashed on the world

More, she meditated upon her failure to follow her mother's benevolent path, and instead vowed to follow her father's gentle footsteps instead. Kasa disappeared into the world, then, vowing to learn the ways of the pet.

Undoing the Damage, and Elysia

Kasa spent many years attempting to undo the damage of her years as the Novari terror. At first she destroyed all the laboratories and artifacts she had provided the Warlocks with, but later kept ever watchful of her former servitors' progress, even as new generations came and went, and the Empire colonized distant lands. She watched Kingdoms form in Europe, and strange revolutions abroad, and even heard, to her great delight, of an island that dared shake off the Novari yoke in brazen defiance. The distant land, now known as Elysia, had become of great interest to her, and it was through her spying she learned of the plans of its invasion in 1482.

Kasa considered the state of affairs in her side of the world… with the Novari growing ever more powerful despite her sabotage, and Egypt conquered time and time again by ever more violent and depraved imperial interests, she decided it was time to finally uproot, and find a new home. She travelled to Elysia in time to provide advanced warning to the young nation's King, and through this precious information, the meagre island was able to mount a successful defense and repel the invasion.

The Future

It has been over 100 years since wisprr (as she is now known) first came on her desperate errand of mercy to Elysia. She has watched the Novari return yet again, this time many of them to stay, and even encountered her ancient enemies, the Fae. Though history does not record her actions, good or ill, she is finally reaping a well-deserved life of normalcy, living in the moment, surrounding herself with mortal loved ones, and living the charmed life of service as a loyal pet, in her father's proud footsteps. Despite her peaceful retirement from acting on world events, wisprr aided in the Resistance during the Occupation, and now retains membership in the humble Runebridge Guild, where she retains the high rank of Polymath.

Misc Information

  • A startling white leather collar encrusted with blue flakes of diamond, and a platinum clasp with her name printed upon it in similar crystal shards
  • Wears a plunging satin gown of the finest quality
  • A simple gold chain
  • A second silver chain with a pendant that depicts a rose and daisy intertwined
  • A faerie ring of delicate silver on her paw

Full Name: Kasa D'makiir ("Twilight of the Makiir Tribe")
Aliases: Velkyn, tysiln, Kasa D'makiir, wisprr (goes by)
Gender: Female
Race: Egyptian Mau
Occupation: Mage - Runebridge Guild Polymath
Orientation: Lesbian
Homeland: Egypt
Birthdate: Unknown
Age: Exact age unknown, but > 600 years
Height: 5' 2"
Weight: 95lbs
Hair: Changes
Fur: Silver
Eyes: Ebony
Markings: Black spots and markings

Magicke: Elemental, Necromantic, Shadow, Illusory. Very high potential and centuries of study.

Abilities/Skills: Benefits from nearly 700 years of life's experience, though particularly proficient in the skills of a serving pet like her father before her.

Weaknesses: Physically weak, has fragile bones which are easy to break. Oathbound: cannot through her actions cause another to learn her magicke, nor take any life. Reformed killer.

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