Xander Pride


Born Ngugi Kabata to a modest family of Kenyan extraction, his parents only ever expected a red-blooded Elysian male. In the early days he fulfilled that role, outperforming and competing with others for Alpha status. Managing to avoid military service, he became involved with the merchants of Elysian City. A quick rise through the ranks meant a name change, much to his parents chagrin, to Xander Pride. This name has a great deal of resonance to this day.

Having gained the weight of prosperity to his powerful frame, Pride has gone from the fit young man to the portly powerful Nawab, or Merchant Prince of Elysia. His political clout and respect among the locals allows him the role of a sort of power balancer; no other merchants will interfere with the restrictions he has set, and this is in a way the only check-and-balance system of Elysia's mercantile system.

Many merchants petition for an audience with the Nawab, and it is said that at times, even common folk go to him for quiet justice when the authorities and officials of the state cannot offer it to them. Often this justice comes in the form of violent action. Though he has the reputation of someone who is largely funded by questionable means, it is widely evident that most of Pride's income comes from his large holdings in land in the city, and most chiefly his large degree of market control over the precious mineral and ore trade. Pride also dabbles in a large number of other trade markets, and will import/export most anything given a significant quantity worth his while.

In general, Xander Pride's actions are governed by his wish to see his own power and status preserved. To this end, he will take measures to keep the market and the mercantile system in place, healthy, and competitive, for this is the system that empowers him. At times he will offer a public endorsement of a particular business or individual, in the form of a visit or a signature or other such informal gesture. In Elysian City, underhanded competition between merchants is always a concern, and such an endorsement from Xander Pride seems to grant the individual endorsed a sort of immunity from this merchant feudalism for a time. While under the popular endorsement of the Nawab, no brigands or pickpockets or mobsters will dare risk foul play. Bloodcurdling stories are told of those who have.

Pride is also considered one of the staunchest supporters of the Pet caste (and the D/s lifestyle in turn). Holding many pets of his own, several of which are liberated slaves from other countries, Pride still is a vocal detractor of Novari slavery practices and advocates economic disconnection of all slave nations to Elysia. He has fostered many notable Pets, at times single-handedly supporting the local D/s culture through his collaring sponsorship. Many of his pets have gone on to serve prestigious and discerning Masters and Mistresses.

Before the occupation, the Nawab's favour has fallen on the Shattered Emerald, and its proprietor, Airika Nerys. He continues this tradition to this day, providing support for it's new manager, Darryk Nerys.


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Full Name: Ngugi wa Kabata
Alias: Xander Pride
Gender: Male
Race: Furre
Species: Massai or East African Lion (Feline)

Occupation: Nawab
Age: Late-40s (47)
Birthdate: November 11th

Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 285 lbs.
Fur: Tawny
Hair: Black and graying significantly
Eyes: Amber
Markings: Typical leo patterns, lighter belly and limb marking

Arrym Invasion

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Novari Occupation

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The Factions

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Misc Information

Skills: Extensive knowledge pertaining to the operation of markets and mercantile economies. Powerful social connections. Commands loyal retainers. Respected and feared. Very good swordsman.

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