Xaverian League

The Xaverian League is a national organization of the sport of Baggataway, more commonly known as Lacrosse.

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Lacrosse is a team sport of Yanaka origin that is played using a small solid rubber ball and a long-handled racquet called a crosse-stick. Offensively, the objective of the game is to use the lacrosse stick to catch, carry, and pass the ball in an effort to score by shooting the ball into an opponent's goal. Defensively, the objective is to keep the opposing team from scoring and to dispossess them of the ball through the use of stick checking and body contact or positioning.


Lacrosse originated with the indigenous Yanaka people of Elysia. In many societies and tribes, the ball sport was often part of religious ritual, played to resolve conflicts, heal the sick, develop strong, virile warriors and prepare for battles. Legend tells of games with more than 100 players from different tribes taking turns to play. Baggataway could be played on a field many miles in length and width; sometimes the game could last for days. Early lacrosse balls were made of animal skins, clay, stone, and sometimes wood.

With the arrival of foreign settlers under the Novari Expeditionary Force, many of the Yanaka's pastoral traditions fell to the way side as their culture and lands were incurred upon. Many years later, after a bloody Revolution and wars fought side by side, relations between the Colonists and Yanaka were still grim. Some say it was the shared interest in Baggataway that brought the two peoples together for the first time.

Early leagues formed under the reign of King William, and were endorsed by the crown quickly in light of the subjects' obsessive love of the game. And so was formed the Xaverian League in 1462, named for the first King of Elysia, and begun one of the strongest national obsessions to this day.

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Teams in the Xaverian League are based in major cities, and most often named for such. They compete for the King's Cup, a modest artifact owned by King William, donated to the league upon his death. Smaller baggataway teams vie to be brought into the Xaverian League, but are rarely successful.

The Vanir Crows The single most successful and richest club the "XBL", the Crows are backed by the Tyrole family most notably. The Vanir Crows can claim no less than a staggering 35 championship victories since the beginning of the League, and are always a feared adversary for the other teams, particularly their ancient rival, the Ghouls.

The Auffester Ghouls The Ghouls fare moderately well in League play, and have 27 championships to boast since their inauguration as a league club. They are a bitter rival for the Crows, who sometimes accuse them of magicke tampering during play.

Olympia Barons The Barons, a team noted for their burly enforcers and violent play. They have won 22 championships in the past, the exact same number as their arch-rivals, the Aesir Knights.

Elysian City Fighting Carp The Fighting Carp have a small, dedicated fan following, and are the worst team in the Xaverian League by far. They have never managed to take so much as a single championship. Many feel this is a result of a lack of fan support, and there being "too much else to do in Elysian City" to warrant attending matches. Nonetheless, Carp fans are adamant that their day will come.

Aesir Knights Staunch enemy of the Olympia Barons. Whenever these two teams face, fans refer to the event as a/the "Battle of Cragsfell". The Knights have 22 championships, just as do the Barons.

Hardenport Rauks 18 championships. Had a resurgence during the 1570s. Famous for having their championship match against the Vipers cut short by Arrym troop advancement.

Tiant Vipers 15 championships, most of them recent. A better's favourite in the last decade or so.

Vedas City Krakens A once-great dynasty, the Krakens have 28 championship wins in their distant past, but have not been a contender for many years.

Four Tribe Outriders The only Yanaka team in a Yanaka sport, they are nonetheless highly successful, and have 26 championships to their name. Their rivals are considered to be the Krakens, however it has been some time since that team has challenged anyone significantly, let alone the Riders.

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