Name: Urqua "Yasubei" Heidaruh
Gender: Male
Race: Ondoru-jin Lupine
Occupation: Musician
Homeland: Elysia
Birthdate: April 14th
Age: 29
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 173 lbs.
Hair: Black with dark brown braids
Fur: Dark Grey
Eyes: Medium Blue
Markings: Tribal runes and artistic tattoos

Skilled in two forms of samurai swordsmanship methods. Remarkable with his rhythm, can play percussion on virtually anything that makes noise and make it sound infectious. Rather skilled with lutes and other guitars.

Mystic in some of his background teachings but no powers.

Personal Equipment:
Twin set bongos. Self-made lute. Extremely sharp katana with a purplish sheen in the light.

Back Story:
Born from an Aupaki father and a Kirun mother, he was brought up a little in both of their ways but found no happiness with either tribe. When he reached of age (about 14 for Yanakarurans), he moved on to the trails and roads between cities and became fond of the traveling Ondoru-jin. Music became his life as he moved around the realm with a troupe, one of which was a swordsman from the far east who used his techniques to wow audiences. Jyunichiro Ishino taught Yasubei the way of Bushido as well as the art of swordfighting.
Time passed and so did Ishino, who gave his blade to his pupil in his will. Others in the troupe began to fall away from the group and left precious few Yasubei truly wished to be with. Luckily one of his trips to Elysian City ran him into a little dancing girl from the desertlands of the Olde World, Ryssa Kodora. Together, and finding another musically talented partner named Cinnamon Rose soon after, they began traveling the roads once again. A small family of artists.

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