Zakhur (Born Alexander Sluick) in Auffester he was the seventh son of Augustus Sluick and Mary Sluick, two very prominent mages in the sluick clan. He was shown to be very adept at magicke, and would eventually go on to learn the ways of water magicke. But at home with his pampered life he felt contained, bottled up, like a caged bird. He often dreamed of just being like the poor citizens out in the city. He wasn't a fan of magicke or the mages. Out of protest he took up hobbies that stayed clear of magic. Such as learning to throw knives, throwing knives and juggling them became one of his favorite ways to relax.

As he aged he found his life was becoming more and more routine and depressing. His longing for freedom and when he turned the tender age of sixteen he got his chance. He did not join a guild like his family wished, he gave up his life of magic, his family his friends and even his name. He would be Alexander Sluick , he would be Zakhur, just Zakhur. Then he found himself alone, and poor and cold in the streets of Auffester. But he was lucky to be taken in by a small group of thieves. Who taught him the ways of the thief in exchange for the use of his healing gifts. He stayed in the group for years, robbing homes. And seeking adventure. Even with his new gifts and his old ones he didn't not remain unharmed and would suffer the loss of his tail. In a very tragic theft that would also leave one of his crew members dead. After he was able to walk and moved about again. He found that he was on the run from the law. And With that he decided it was time to leave his home and go on to new adventures. And he left for Elysia City.


He grinned as he walks through the woods ducking under tree branches and stepping over bushes. His soft cream fur glistened in the light from sweat. His short shaggy yellow hair bounced about as he moved. The color nearly matching the gleaming golden eyes. His clothing was not designed to blend in to any type of surroundings. He wore large pink bracers that his his entire forearms. a Tight fitting green leather vest which was only matched at the tightness of his leather pants. Around his waste was a very thick pink leather belt wrapped in a matching pick sash. His feet and most of his calves were hidden by thick pink boots. The only thing that didn't follow this color scheme was the old worn brown leather side bag he wore. He looked like many fancy rats, with the exception of his long tail, because he didn't have one.


He is an all around charmer that never takes anything seriously. He avoids getting too close with people and is always on the look out for his next theft. He puts on a lot of bluster and jokes to keep his emotions and mental state well protected.

Goals: Restoring his tail.

Theme song(s): Schubert's 9th Symphony

Full Name: Alexander Sluick(born)

Aliases: Zakhur (goes by)
Gender: Male
Race: Anthromorphic-Rat
Occupation: Rogue/thief/water mage(secret)
Homeland: Auffester
DOB: August - 18th

Age: 25
Orientation: Gay
Affiliation: Independent
Height: Five foot four inches
Weight: 115
Hair: Golden
Fur: Cream
Eyes: Golden
Markings: troll cross tattoo on his chest

Magicke: Trained in Water school until Journeyman rank, currently in apostasy

Abilities and skills: Lock picking, pickpocketing, stealth, lying, disarming traps

Personal Equipment: throwing knives, set of lock picks, Flint set, small lantern, daggers, boot-knife, other thieving equipment

Weaknesses: Fugitive. Paralyzing fear of insects.

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