Full Name: Zedimus Leono Wyrick
Gender: Male
Race: Skunk
Occupation: Mage
Birthdate: October 10th
Age: 22
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 120lbs
Hair: Blonde
Fur: Black
Eyes: Yellow
Markings: Lacks the skunk striping pattern. All black.

Abilities: Unremarkable fire-magicke, chiefly offensive in nature. Extensive necromantic knowledge.

Weaknesses: Difficult past. Not very good at Fire Magicke. Terrified to tap into his true potential as a necromancer.

Equipment: Simple commoner's clothing to dissuade suspicion. Carries a strange large virge as a weapon, which is in actual fact his favourite talisman for sorcery.

Raised in Auffester in a mediocre Mage family, Zed took on a number of odd jobs throughout his life, though moved to Elysian City shortly after the war. Zed kept a low profile, harbouring a dark secret, but fearing discovery as a rogue mage, applied to the Magister's Guild - and was turned down.

He is now employed as an apprentice mage in the Runebridge Guild, studying the fire school, and admittedly not doing very well with it.

In actual fact, Zed was inducted by his father into the secret Skull and Bones society where he perfected many of his skills, and has the learning of a full Journeyman black-mage. This secret life is constantly at war with his public one, and the fear of discovery increases everyday. Zed is a devout Templar, and volunteers at the clinic and with the Elysian City Peace Keeper precincts.

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