Zemfer Zoma


Zemfer is a hapless nutcase who was to born to be great knight like his family's tradition but… he was less than hoped for. His mission is to return home as the champion knight he was supposed to be. Friendly and even slightly charming, his words a jumbled mess of attempted wisdom that ends up sounding more like educated gibberish with often humorous results. With a heart of gold and a never-ending klutz, it's only when the pressure is on does he show his hidden skills but even then it seems more luck than true skill. In the meantime, he is a one man 3 Stooges.


Dashing and handsome Zemfer was born the oddball son of the Zoma village chief, Zonniger Zoma, whom comes from the lineage the town was named after. His mother was a habitual contestant of beauty pageants throughout western Britain who continued her interest long after Zemfer was born. Zonniger, meanwhile, lead the small village through its proud but humble life of producing some of the most valiant knights throughout Britain's continuing history. Training proved difficult for the klutzy and unusually minded wolf, to such a degree he became an embarrassment to the family. To combat the situation as a whole, they sent their young teenage son on a knight's quest! To become a young man worthy of knighthood. So like some cliche out of an RPG, the young fellow went on adventure after crazy adventure.


After rescuing a princess' feral dog named Timmy from a well covered by a fallen tree, he was directed to find new adventure on the high seas, full of pirates and monsters and an isle called Elysia. Which lasted all of 10 minutes as swimming was tiresome. From there, he hitched a ride on a freighter headed for Elysian City. His bizarre adventures continued on arrival, finding his path crossed with many interesting denizens and evil plots to unravel. All for the sake of gaining the experience necessary to make his father proud.

Full Name: Zemfer Zederick Zoma
Alias: ZZ, Mr. Zem
Gender: Male
Race: Furre
Species: Canine (Wolf)

Affiliation: Freelance
Occupation: Wandering Knight
Birthplace: Zoma Village, Britain
Age: Early-20s
Birthdate: February 7th

Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 165 lbs.
Fur: Light Brown
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Light Blue
Markings: Curious occasional dark brown stripes like a hyena



Arrym Invasion

When the invasion erupted on the island, Zemfer was quick to ally himself as a mercenary knight into the forces that protected Vanir. He tested his nerve and his skills on the battlefield while protecting the besieged city which eventually fell into Arrym claws regardless. He was among those rescued when Alya Kalim broke from their holding facility and joined the Resistance in their guerrilla war with the Arrym. That was until…

Novari Occupation

When the Arrym surrendered and the treaty was enacted and Novari took control of Elysia, Zemfer didn't have the interest in staying with the Resistance and, like many at the time, left to return to a normal life. Or as normal of a life someone like Zemfer could attempt. He went back to his adventuring days, and for a while, doing so abroad in Afrika for a while.

The Factions

In 1582, Zemfer returned to Elysia. Older and more skilled, but still as black sheep and bumbling as ever, he currently has position working for the Pride Cartel, of all people.

Loose SL Representation

Misc Information

  • Light Plate knight garb but usually in a squire's outfit with a commoner's robe over it.
  • His remade longsword "Sharp Blade" with a serrated edge near the hilt just for looks.
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